Is a white roof better? Advantages of White Roof Coating

November 16, 2021

Is a white roof better? Advantages of White Roof Coating

White materials are known to reflect more light as compared to dark colours.  This applies to buildings and infrastructure also. The outside walls and roofs of a building or house soak the heat from the sun during the day. However, if they are made of materials that are painted in lighter or white colors, it can help reduce high solar absorption.  

Using white roofs or painting the walls white can help in keeping the temperature inside the building cooler. During the warmer part of the year, this can keep the temperature inside the building cooler. The summer season in the city can be extremely hot, a few degrees hotter than in the countryside areas. Research shows that systematically replacing dark surfaces with white ones can help lower the temperatures by 2 degrees Celsius or more. 

Roofs are the most exposed parts of the building or house.  They have no protection against rain, hail, sunlight and other natural factors. White roof coatings are one of the most effective ways to protect your roof from potential damage. 

A white roof coating is a reflective coating that offers protection to the roof from the external elements. It is elastomeric hence it can be stretched to match the exact dimensions of the roof and create an effective shield. 

White roofs are also known as “cool roofs” and they are designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat as compared to a regular roof. As per the Energy Saver program by the U.S. Department of Energy, cool roofs can be roofs painted with a highly reflective type of paint, a sheet covering or highly reflective tiles or shingles.

A cool roof has many advantages that can be extremely beneficial especially during the hot summer months. A cool roof is also an eco-friendlier roofing approach that is very energy-efficient. 

There are several advantages of white roof coating, below mentioned are some of the reasons why one should invest in a white roof coating.

The Benefits of White Roof Coatings

  • Cost-effective

Getting your roof coated with white roof coating is much cheaper than completely replacing a roof. An elastomeric white roof coating increases the roof’s lifespan by many years and also reduces the labor and material costs.

  • Ease of installation

The biggest advantage of cool roof coatings is that they are very easy to apply. They can be easily applied on the roof using a brush, roll, or spray-on method. White roof coatings are easy and safe to apply.  Most of the coating products are water-based thereby reducing the amount of potentially toxic fumes that may be potentially released during its installation.

  • Eco friendly

White roofs improve the solar reflectivity and thermal regulation of the roof. This helps reduce the heat absorption in the house or building, reducing the need for energy to power the air conditioning systems. Reduction in energy usage reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and power plants and reduces the number of greenhouse gases released into the air.

  • Reduced Energy bills

Elastomeric white roof coatings increase the energy efficiency of the building hence helping reduce the energy bills. In regular roofs when more sunlight penetrates the roof, the building or house becomes warmer. The air conditioning systems have to use more energy to maintain the cooling of the building. A cool roof reduces the amount of heat penetrated which in turn keeps the house cooler and less energy is required by the air conditioners. This helps save a lot on the cost of energy bills. 

  • Improved solar reflectivity

A white roof coating helps the roof in reflecting the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun. The white colored elastomeric coatings are more effective at dispelling solar energy as compared to the dark-colored roofs.

  • Versatility

The roof coatings have a liquid formulation and they are very easy to apply, making the white roof coatings versatile enough to work easily on different types of roofing materials like metal, concrete, foam, and wood. These roof coatings can also be applied on unsuitable membranes like steep-sloped metal roofs.

  • Incentives and Rebates

Some states in the country offer incentives for using a white roof coating. Since the cool roof coatings are ecofriendly and using them reduces your carbon footprint, many states are offering rebates to encourage more usage of white roof coating. The incentives offered range from tax credits to utility rebates. 

Invest in a White Roof Coating today

After going through the benefits of white roof coating, if you’ve come to a conclusion that you need to invest in a cool roof it is time to get in touch with Tucson Rubberized Coating – a professional roof coating services provider in Tucson, AZ. Do not waste time, get a cool roof installed soon and enjoy the benefits.

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