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Solar fan or Air Conditioner, Which is Better for Baby Newborns?

Solar fan or Air Conditioner, Which is Better for Baby Newborns?

Hot weather can make babies fussy, making children wake up frequently and uncomfortable during sleep. Not only that, the hot weather makes children sweat which can trigger the appearance of rashes. To overcome this, many of you decide to use an air conditioner. 

However, choosing an air conditioner is certainly not easy. You need to choose between a solar fan or Air Conditioner to cool the room. So, which is better for newborns, solar fans or Air Conditioners?

Come on, see a summary of the explanation about air conditioning.

Choose Solar fan or Air Conditioner?

Most researchers agree that using an air conditioner is better than leaving a newborn in a hot, humid room. As is known, newborns are still not able to adjust their body temperature to the environment.

That is why, they are prone to rashes and dehydration when in a hot room.

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General Article

DEFINITION AC: Function, Type, How It Works & Air Conditioner Components

Function, Type, How It Works & Air Conditioner Components

Several years ago, AC was still classified as an expensive item that only existed in offices, hotels, malls, or luxury homes. However, air conditioning has now become a necessity for many people, especially in cities with hot weather.

In addition, air conditioning has become a mandatory facility, especially in hotel rooms, company workspaces, in classrooms or even in cafes.

We will discuss about AC starting from what it is the definition of AC, how it works, the type of ac and also the supporting components.

Definition of AC

An air conditioner (AC) is a machine made to stabilize the temperature and humidity of the air in a room. This tool is used to cool or heat, depending on needs. However, air conditioning is often referred to as air conditioning because it is more widely used to cool the room.

Although air conditioning is a product of modern technology, the concept … Read the rest

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