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Bigger Than The Sum of Its Parts

Bigger Than The Sum of Its Parts

Small houses are big news – which is as it should be. We’ve always believed that, with clever design and build, ‘quality’ gives a better result than ‘quantity’ any day of the week.

One great debate that has been on the lips of professionals within the architecture industry for years now is the idea of small houses versus big houses, or rather, how much square footage should be afforded to houses to make them truly livable. Should they be large and spacious? Should they have only enough room to accommodate those living in it?

In architecture, some buildings leave a lasting impression. However, no matter how grand or small they may be, one thing that has been seen repeatedly in both famous structures is the presence of small houses in architecture. Even though these small houses can serve different purposes and are built with various uses, they still hold Read the rest

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