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Solar fan or Air Conditioner, Which is Better for Baby Newborns?

December 14, 2022

Solar fan or Air Conditioner, Which is Better for Baby Newborns?

Hot weather can make babies fussy, making children wake up frequently and uncomfortable during sleep. Not only that, the hot weather makes children sweat which can trigger the appearance of rashes. To overcome this, many of you decide to use an air conditioner. 

However, choosing an air conditioner is certainly not easy. You need to choose between a solar fan or Air Conditioner to cool the room. So, which is better for newborns, solar fans or Air Conditioners?

Come on, see a summary of the explanation about air conditioning.

Choose Solar fan or Air Conditioner?

Most researchers agree that using an air conditioner is better than leaving a newborn in a hot, humid room. As is known, newborns are still not able to adjust their body temperature to the environment.

That is why, they are prone to rashes and dehydration when in a hot room.

Regarding the solar fan or Air Conditioner, there is really no problem between the two. You are free to use Air Conditioner or solar fan to cool the room by paying attention to the temperature setting.

Temperature Setting for Air Conditioner

Reporting from Livestrong, the ideal Air Conditioner temperature for newborns is 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. With this temperature, the room will be cold enough and comfortable for newborns so that they can sleep peacefully. 

During the use of Air Conditioner, you should check the child’s body temperature  periodically on the feet, hands, and neck to ensure that the Air Conditioner temperature is appropriate. If the temperature is too low and makes the baby cold, then immediately increase the temperature of the Air Conditioner. 

Also avoid placing the child right under the blowing of the Air Conditioner because it can make the baby cold. 

Solar fan Use Rules

If you choose to use a solar fan, do not direct the solar fan directly at the baby’s body. As for the temperature regulation, adjust it to the room because the air circulation from the solar fan is different from the Air Conditioner.

The cold effect produced by the solar fan is also different from the Air Conditioner. That is why, you should wear comfortable clothes to your child such as sleeveless sweatshirts and diapers. At night, use clothes that absorb sweat so that the baby does not feel hot even though he has used a solar fan. 

 Air Conditioner Usage Rules

Too high room temperature or too low room temperature can affect the baby’s body temperature. If the room temperature is too low (too cold), then the baby may experience a decrease in body temperature below normal (hypothermia) or if the room temperature is too high, then the baby may experience an increase in temperature above the normal body temperature (hyperthermia). Neither of these two conditions is good for the child. Room temperature that is too high or hot can also cause the baby to sweat easily, so there can be disturbances in the baby’s skin. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate the temperature of the room where your baby is located. 

Usually the regulation of room temperature is carried out by controlling air circulation. The most basic is that air circulation through windows and other ventilation should be maximal so that the room temperature is maintained. This setting can also be done using an air circulation regulator or Air Conditioner

With the help of this Air Conditioner,  the room temperature can be maintained stably. If you don’t use Air Conditioner, then actually using a solar fan is enough. But considering that the air control settings are not optimal by using a solar fan, there are several things that you must pay attention to, for example, the direction of the solar fan that directly hits the baby’s body should be avoided, then use a bed mat that is thick enough if placing the baby close to the floor. To get around not always using a solar fan, of course, the circulation system of the room must be improved. The bottom line is that the room temperature is not too hot and not too cold, so it is comfortable for your baby.

Tips for Using Solar fans and Air Conditioners

Although it is allowed to use solar fans and air conditioners indoors, you still have to pay attention to several things so as not to harm the baby’s health. 

  • Do not direct the solar fan directly to hit the baby’s body

Room temperature that is too low or too high can affect the baby’s body. Too high/ hot is not good and too low / cold is not good. Room temperature that is too high / hot can cause the baby to sweat easily, so it can cause disturbances in the baby’s skin such as prickly heat. It’s like my son’s experience, it’s easy to get so hard that if you don’t immediately solar fanned it, it can be on the nose or on the back.

So it is necessary to regulate the room temperature, so that air circulation is maintained. Using electronic equipment like Air Conditioner can actually help. But even if there is no one, even a solar fan feels like it is enough. The important thing is not to direct the solar fan directly to hit the baby’s body, so that the baby’s body temperature is maintained.

  • Always keep the solar fan clean

Do not allow too much dust and dirt to stick to the solar fan, if it is dirty, clean it immediately. If I usually open the solar fan component, it will continue to be washed clean, so that the wind is fresh again. In addition to the wind that is no longer strong due to dust and dirt, if inhaled by children, it can cause coughing. The danger is, if it turns out that our child’s breathing is sensitive, it can cause lung disease, right? 

  • Don’t let the solar fan light up all night

Turn it off if the child’s body temperature is normal and turn it back on if the child feels hot. Use the timer on the solar fan so that  it can be set when you want to turn it off.
Well, those are 3 ways to use a solar fan on a baby that you can do, Hopefully useful.

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