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White Wine Storage Solutions

November 25, 2022

White Wine Storage Solutions

Many white wine lovers who would like to start their adventure-filled journey in finding the perfect storage solution might start by glancing over the many websites of manufacturers who construct only the best wine fridges dedicated to the fine art of wine cooling. Bodega43 Wine Cooler shop is one of many specialising in this unique field of wine storage solutions. However, the correct white wine storage temperature is pivotal to all collectors of this type of wine. Thus, investing their hard-earned money in such a unit needs to be seen as of utmost importance. 

The importance of the correct white wine storage temperature

The general rule is to store wine at a temperature between 7 – 18 degrees Celsius. But do keep in mind that you can store white wine in a slightly colder environment. In addition, if white wine is held below a certain degree where it turns frigid, it could slow down the ageing process. On the other hand, never store your white wine at a too hot temperature. It might lead it to “boil” and lose its unique taste, and overly emphasises the alcohol leaving it impossible to drink and enjoy. The temperature where white wine starts to spoil is 21 degrees Celsius. 

Features offered by a wine fridge to store white wine properly.

Wine experts advise that storing white wine in a wine fridge would optimise the flavour and aroma of this type of unique wine as this storing unit offers a variety of features needed to properly age and cool white wine. Hence, as mentioned above, the proper temperature guide would be between 7 – 18 degrees Celsius. But as a white wine can be kept in a lower climate, keeping it at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius would be acceptable. If the temperature within a wine fridge is set too high, it will lead to the corks of the wine bottle drying out, which in turn would lead to unnecessary oxidisation and seepage into the wine itself. Moreover, a humidity level of 70 % is upheld in a wine fridge. And if this factor is lacking, it might lead to unwanted mould formation. Adding some wine racks to the mix would ensure that your wine collection is safely stored without the possibility of breakage. It is also important to place your white wine bottle on its side with the label facing upwards. Subsequently, many wine experts advise you on the importance of keeping your wine fridge out of direct sunlight. But luckily, these wondrous units come equipt with a UV protective glass door. Lastly, avoid placing it next to another appliance that radiates its heat. 

White wine serving temperature

Many of us disregard the significance of the proper serving temperature of serving wine. Hence, the serving temperature differs from the storage temperature. It is strongly advised to do white wine at 7 – 18 degrees Celsius. Moreover, this would bring out the divine essence that makes a bottle of white wine a good white wine. In addition, the proper etiquette of enjoying white wine plays a crucial fragment in enjoying this way in the good sense of the word. Some hints would be to hold the wine bottle at the base when pouring it and only fill the wine glass up to the middle. Moreover, remember that you may only pour yourself a drink after serving all your guests. Not only does the protocol of wine tasting play a part in the wine experience, but so does the correct wine glass; in addition, who would not love a  great after-dinner treat made by including the flavours aspect of white wine.

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